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Welcome to FFRK Lookup! You can use this site to look up Soul Breaks, Legend Materia, and more for the mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Request Command
Search for a specific Soul Break tier for a character Cloud BSB
Search for an individual Soul Break of a certain tier for a character Cloud BSB2
Search for a character's Legend Materia Cloud LM
Search for an Ability by name Meltdown abil
Search for a Record Materia by name Battleforged RM
Search for a status by name Dark Bargain stat
Use multiple commands in a single request Cloud BSB; Cloud LM; Elarra USB

Character Aliases

"onion knight": ["ok", "onion knight", "onion"]

"orlandeau": ["tg cid", "tgc"]

"cecil (dark knight)": ["decil", "dcecil", "dark knight cecil", "cecil dark knight"]

"cecil (paladin)": ["pecil", "pcecil", "paladin cecil", "cecil paladin"]

"gilgamesh": "greg"

"aerith": "aeris"

"cid (iv)": ["cid iv", "cid4", "cid 4"]

"cid (xiv)": ["cid xiv", "cid 14", "cid14"]

"cid (vii)": ["cid vii", "cid7", "cid 7"]

"elarra": "urara"

"barbariccia": "barb"

"cloud of darkness": "cod"

"red xiii": ["nanaki", "red13", "red 13"]

"gogo (v)": ["gogo v", "gogo5", "gogo 5"]

"gogo (vi)": ["gogo vi", "gogo6", "gogo 6"]